oh speaking of fratboys have i ever mentioned that chris evans is basically the reason i’m bi and not gay

like i identified as lesbian through middle and high school and then i saw captain america and was like well shit

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i love the fratboy aesthetic but actual fratboys need to get 189374829173 miles away from me

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pascalispunk: Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon @sophie_789 @maisie_williams

pascalispunk: Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon @sophie_789 @maisie_williams

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Karen Gillan at the “Guardians of the Galaxy” photocall on July 25, 2014 in London, England

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this is literally what it’s like to be 21

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I’ve been seeing a lot of people on tumblr talking about FEMM’s “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” song, but I like this song way better. I’ve been kind of obsessed with it. I… may have learned the dance moves.

This is finally on American iTunes and I feel this real sense of relief now.

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i’m pumped to see the new hercules because i really want to see the rock sing go the distance

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